Breast Surgery Center of North Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a biopsy take?

The biopsy process can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes – this includes the time it takes to discuss the procedure, set equipment up, and position you.  You should plan to be in the office for approximately one hour.

Will I need time off from work for a biopsy?

Generally, you will only need to take time off for the procedure itself.  Most people are able to return to work the same day or the following day.

Is the biopsy painful?

We strive to make the biopsy as painless as possible.  After the local anesthesia is administered you should not feel any pain, only pressure. 

Will I have much pain after the biopsy?

Generally, the pain that most patients describe is soreness.  The degree of pain you experience will depend on how your body reacts to the biopsy.  The amount of bruising or swelling you experience will also affect the amount of pain you experience.

How soon will I get my biopsy results?

Biopsy results are typically available within 1-2 working days following the procedure. 

Can you do the biopsy the same day as my consultation?

Biopsies are not generally done the same day.  However, under special circumstances the biopsy can be arranged as a same-day procedure.

How long is the initial office visit?

You should plan on approximately one hour for an initial consultation – this includes the time you will spend completing paperwork, visiting with the nurse, and consulting with Dr. Iyengar.

Why do I need a consult if I’ve already been told that I need a biopsy?

There is a lot of information that can be gained from a consultation.  Depending on the type of problem that you are experiencing, additional imaging studies may need to be done prior to the biopsy.  There are also different types of biopsies and different methods by which to perform them.  After seeing you, the doctor will be able to suggest which biopsy will be best for you.

Is this procedure covered by my insurance?

We are in network with many insurance companies.  Each insurance covers at different rates.  Please contact our office and we can verify your specific insurance coverage.

Do you do surgeries the same day?

No.  We will need time to schedule the surgery with the hospital and anesthesia group.  Also, you will need to come in for a pre-op visit to discuss the surgery and sign consent forms.

Why do I need to bring my mammogram films to the consultation?

It is important for the doctor to be able to see the area of concern on the films for herself.  She will be able to answer your questions more thoroughly if she is able to view your films versus just reading the reports from the Radiologist.

What is a biopsy?

A biopsy consists of taking tissue samples from the breast.  The tissue is then examined by a Pathologist under a microscope to determine what the tissue is composed of.  There are different types of biopsies.  Some are done in the office while others are done in the operating room.